The Community Shared Space

The Community Shared Space

Meetings and Events Venue

     When you book The Community, you get the privacy and flexibility of our 1,000 sq. ft. space to make your own! No worrying about sharing the space with others while you’re using it.
     We offer a flexible and affordable space with high ceilings and ambient natural lighting to book by the hour. The Community provides you with full access to our 4k projector with 110″ screen, Smart TVs, and Smart Lighting, lounge with couch and armchairs, tables and 40+ chairs.
     With an indoor capacity for 50 people there are a variety of multiple layouts to make it your own, from meetings, to seminars, workshops, fundraisers, retreats and much more.

Location:Sierra Barn, 2nd Level, Suite H-23

Phone:(831) 652-1080